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My intention is to offer you a functional and frustration-free practice, making my classes a safe and inclusive space where everyone is welcome. In addition to the regular face-to-face and online classes, there is always an event going on so don't forget to take a look at our schedule and upcoming events!

– Patricia Sánchez

Una Práctica Flexible

Adapt the practice of yoga to your schedule. The groups are open to offer you the flexibility to choose which class you want to attend each week. That is why booking is essential.

Activate a membership to have priority in reservations, discounts in events and exclusive access to yoga videos to practice at your own pace with classes, tutorials and many more surprises.

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Altea Experience

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Altea Experience

New in Yoga?

I help you discover which style of yoga is right for you right now.

If you have any injury or health condition, consult your doctor first and if she gives you the OK, tell me about it so I can give you advice and guidance on how to adjust the practice to your needs.

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Colaboración mejor que Competición

En Yoga Taronja nos apasiona colaborar con otrxs profesorxs de yoga y emprendedorxs. Si te gusta lo que hacemos y quisieras trabajar con nosotros en un evento o taller, ponte en contacto. Tenemos un historial en la organización de talleres y eventos de yoga siempre desde un enfoque familiar y con la intención de crear comunidad. Estamos en Altea, España, y nos encantaría saber cómo podemos mejorar la calidad de vida y bienestar en el área local.