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Welcome to Taronja Wellbeing Centre!


Classes aimed at improving posture, strength, resistance, flexibility, proprioception and strengthening the core.

You will perform exercises not only from the Pilates method but also from proprioception, breathing, and exercises similar to the technical patterns of sport and functional training.
Above all, favoring feeling good with the activity and connecting with body and mind.


Rest Yin Yoga

Passive approach to yoga where postures are held comfortably for 2 to 5 minutes. In this class, we approach yoga from a meditative approach, cultivating peace of mind.

In this practice we combine restorative yoga and yin yoga. Not only is flexibility improved, this style of yoga is especially aimed at strengthening the movement of vital energy through the meridians, improving the functioning of our internal organs, joints, and internal areas beyond the muscles such as tendons, ligaments and fascia. In addition to relaxing the nervous system.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha is a style of yoga promoted as a modern form of classical Indian yoga.

This style is energetic and encompasses stillness in the asana (posture), movement linked to breathing (vinyasa), the development of concentration, the activation of vital energy and expanding internal silence.

flow yoga
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Flow Yoga

We move in a dynamic and joyous practice, flowing with the breath and grounding specific postures to create solidity and stability.

Develop body intelligence.

Yoga & Meditation

Become aware of our reality, giving us the opportunity to consciously work with our stress, pain, illness, loss or with the challenges of our life.
In contrast, a life in which we do not pay attention, in which we are more concerned about what happened or what has not yet happened, leads us to carelessness, forgetfulness and isolation, reacting in an automatic and maladaptive way.

Mindfulness helps us recover our internal balance, comprehensively attending to the aspects of the person; body, mind and spirit.
By practicing mindfulness we develop a greater capacity for discernment and compassion. The practice of this attention opens the door to new possibilities, brings us to the here and now, invites us to live a life fully and in the present.

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